Guessing at the TAROT cards

It is the oldest and most popular European card system. Tarot Cards called lasso, which is translated from Latin (arcanum) means - secret means secret. According to one version, a deck of Tarot - this Egyptian hieroglyphs book, which consisted of 78 tablets.

system Taro - the most magnificent system of ontological knowledge - so immense depth and universal as a tool for discovering the world that she attributed to unearthly origin.

Origin of Tarot is covered with darkness. Of the many versions of the word Tarot the greatest confidence is popular in the 18 st century interpretation of the term as a merger of 2 Egyptian words: TAR (road, path) and RO, ROS (King, King). Thus, the Tarot means "king's way" or "the road of kings".

In favor of this hypothesis, said older presentation of about 7 Great (king), roads, koimi gods are seeking the truth.

difference Tarot deck of cards from the custom maps in that Taro contains 22 additional cards with the number and the name of the individual, they do not depend on the suit and called the lasso. These additional 22 cards is the credibility of the entire Taro.

TAROT Cards - a tool for knowledge of themselves and the world

Tarot cards - this is an invaluable means of solving any problems and the awakening of creative possibilities right. Too often we are not able to see the reasonable alternatives or solutions to problems, because too deeply immersed in the circumstances, which reflect.

Simple layout helps us to ignore the external circumstances and fully concentrate on the problem.

Tarot Cards allows us to see alternative solutions, which we used and did not suspect, show us the facts in a totally different light, so that we begin to address completely in a different way. Tarot Cards reveal the hidden meaning of events and offer unexpected solutions

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