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Do you have any questions, the responses to which may be reached through the judgments. Even the future can be judged more or less accurately, when it comes to the conclusions of the known pre-conditions, which need only to find a result of known causes. But, apart from the usual causal connection between the phenomena may be different, albeit hidden, but of no less than a close relationship, which brings together things that at first glance, shares the immeasurably abyss. This relationship or, more precisely, it is relevant at different times called for different ways - like, sympathy, analogy, considering it an expression of a single world law: fact that at the bottom, just above that. It is understood another Hermes Trismegist, magician and scientist, who lived in Egypt five thousand years ago. Surrounding descendants found his god (Toth) and more distant - polumificheskoy person who never wrote their works come down to us. He does not consider himself a god. Using the method of analogies, he tried to get to know these hidden links between traffic maps, planetary movements and the human soul, believing that it reflected the will of God - or gods, as if it was the people

However, representatives of various religions are often asked ourselves: Is this not a sin - to try to know God's will? Maybe God (or gods) deliberately concealed it from people? It is not the same name, this hermetically Sciences in honor of the founder of Hermes Trismegista ("thrice greatest"), is interpreted and how the doctrine of concealment, secrecy?

Yes, hermetic science help opened a future and find out what in any other way to know you can not. But the possession of science can be likened hermetically holding a diploma: a person can read the book, but he was not free to alter its content. There is no sin if a person learns that ugotovleno him to Providence.

One of the most important branches of science should be regarded as hermetic divination. Modalities divination there is great variety. Tradition asserts that people can use divination to get all the information he needs to change the adverse course of their lives, or, rather, to preserve and enhance its positive side, having the inner freedom, for the response to his questions have been charted in his soul, and conjectural character only help find the answer.

The most important thing - people really should require a response at a time when he decides to contact one of the ways divination, rather than use this sacrament of boredom, for the sake of checking the accuracy, or as entertainment! In the latter case, no fortune-telling will never give the correct answer and the right advice!

Maps Senior lasso represent human life. They also represent the beginning of the twenty-one main universe. 22-I (or 0) map to identify the Senior lasso conditionally, it is as though the summation of the rest. And since the number 21 - this, in particular, transformed the wavelength of hydrogen, the most common element in our universe, it becomes clear how large the role of this number for all life. Each of us is built of these began to be them in a different aspect ratio (just as in each individual horoscope with different strength are expressed all the planets and the signs of the Zodiac). Raskladyvaya Tarot Cards, we learn about the distribution of these principles in our souls at this time.

The large number of symbols (78 cards Elder and Younger Arkan) sets Taro from many other methods of divination, where the same values presented here are elementary, it is necessary to obtain through a combination of several characters. The advantage of divination by Tarot, is also the possibility of the interpretation of maps, depending on how they are formed - in direct or inverted position. Due to this we are not even 78, as much as 156 conjectural character. And more often than not the position of each card is very much changing the ee value.

Maps Senior lasso in some cases, placed separately from the younger: they often define the identity of the person and the main points of his fate. Among the suits Younger Arkan (rods / rods, Cups, Swords and Pentakli / DINARD) is shaped cards (King, Queen, Knight and page), and simple. Each court card can match a person of a particular sex and age: page usually corresponds to the child or youth; Knight - the young King - adult; Queen - a woman. However, it should be borne in mind that the border between the ages conditional. In addition, the card can sometimes mean the Queen, and a man, as Knight and henchman - woman. This happens when the cards are not pre-selected site, identifying a specific person to whom guess, but was called in the divination.

Maps Younger Arkan lay separate from the Senior Arkan, when want to get an answer to a specific question relating to the future, present or past. The question should always be made sufficiently specific. On the ambiguous question and the answer is evasive. In addition, the inquiring be sure that he wanted to get an answer and time for receipt of a response should be appropriate.

Man, accessing divination requires a great life experience: You should always remember that divination - this is not fun, but hard work, requiring a huge stress of mind, memory, intuition, insight into the secret maps, and the human soul. Gad, not only knows the future, but also receive psychological care in anticipation of the future.

Each card - this is a window into the unconscious, it helps to focus and look at what it is. A commentary on it only gives an impetus in the right direction. The symbols shown on the maps may cause different people have different associations. They must be different: gadaya maps Taro should be able to learn or overcome long-standing habit of our mind to keep everything to the already known things. As their dreams seeming illogicality help overcome stereotypes of thinking, and Tarot cards: if the mind does not penetrate into their meaning, to aid you need to call intuition. Therefore, in the process of divination is not to reason, and watch, do not comprehend and contemplate, operates not only by interpreting maps and images. And then you will understand what the answer to your question gives you a card, through the symbolism inherent in them.

It should be noted that most of Tarot cards inherent polysemy and because each of the winning cards in the card can be interpreted in different ways not only different people, but by the same person at different times. Interpreting maps need to come primarily from the topic divination and the original question, using the closest to the theme of the importance of winning cards. Allow the value to another person and not another situation.

Peregadyvat (ie, play cards on the same question again on the same day), if something does not suit, it is not recommended, and useless: most cards will not only answer to that question in a different way, how much to disclose all the more profound reasons for its occurrence, and they want to know is not for everyone. Peregadyvat possible and even necessary, when the same question without deciding at the time, does not lose relevance, and there again. In this case, not worth remembering, as laid card last time, because you can not restore the situation that has gone into the past: it is better to decompose them again.

Before you start divination Professional gadateli usually carry out various rituals, magic tricks, say the spells, but the most common procedure is simple. The man asked to enter in bodily contact with the cards: they hold in their hands, apply to forehead, perelistat, shuffled. Immediately after that, some gadateli will go directly to the event.

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